Image Detail for - Really Love Dachshunds, so enjoy these funny dacshunds!

mini dachshund - wiener - CUTE by milagros

Best dog costume

I Love Dachshunds

Hot dogs for sale. How many can I buy?

Can we get a mascot for Phil events?! :D

Best dog costume

38 Brillant Dog Care Ideas to Make Your Life easier! On a hot summer day fill u an inflatable pool with water and ice!

pepsi dog 25 Funny Dog Pictures With Captions More amazing and funny stuff at

The "look" dachshunds use.

Dachshund puppy

its a hot dog


weaners... :)

HOT days in LA give new meaning to #HOTDOGS!

That dachshunds

CHIWEENIE! chihuahua + dacshund


half golden retriever half wiener dog!

what a cool weenie