• Lana Fray

    Great idea for beautify your ladyfriend... Beer Can Hot Rollers | 31 Redneck DIYs That Are BorderlineGenius

  • Katie Patterson

    Beer can curlers. My Big Day Events, Colorado: Wedding Planners, Party Planners, Event Extraordinaires! Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, Cheyenne, Mountains. http://www.mybigdaycompany.com/ #sloshball #kickball #kegs #costume #ideas #peopleofwalmart #people #walmart #redneck #beercan #beer #can #curlers #hair #fun #funny #creative #party #theme #ideas #event #planning

  • Lydia Daly

    I used orange juice cans...same idea!

  • Chessica Greene

    don't have hair rollers? Its all good .. use some beer cans :) excellent idea

  • Staci West

    I guess this is one way to get those big curls you crave.... So happy i live in a college town... enough beer cans to do this every day! TOO FREAKING FUNNY

  • Sarah Beth

    hahaha great idea for a white trash party if you have long thick hair! so funny.

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