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  • Allie Rutledge

    If we ever have another white trash party... i'm rolling my hair in beer cans hahaha

  • Mary Kate

    You know you're a red neck when you use beer cans as curls for your hair. WHITE TRASH!


    when you wanted BIG curls! My classmates in the mid 60s used large orange juice cans with ends cut off...could hold in hair with the huge clips and huge bobby pins.

  • Sammy Thompson

    stop it! nati ice curls! cheap beer pretty curls? ...this was the original comment ...In case you were wondering, this really does work! If you've got a LOT of hair and want a lot of body with big curls, this works! Make sure hair is damp when being curled and then dried thoroughly

  • Suzie Collier

    Beer Can Hot Rollers | 31 Redneck DIYs That Are Borderline Genius - we used to use OJ cans when I was a kid....these really work. Just don't go outside or invite anyone over while you're styling this way! HA

  • Janiece Quinn

    Redneck Beer can be hair rollers. thinking possible Halloween Costume

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Ooooh clever use of space. Maybe your wife can shove dinner through the hole when you shut the door!!!!

My bf has a Texas Mickey bottle and I want to put a Siamese fighting fish in it.

I'm not a beer drinker, but I can honestly say I've asked friends to hold things for me shortly before I've hurt myself doing something funny and stupid...

perfect Redneck Wedding photo - includes the cigarette and the beer can...of course.

OML! that's why the deer don't come into our yard anymore :(

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Actually, I think that's the smartest campfire grilling I've ever seen.hahahahaaaaa