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    7 Surefire Sustainable Seafood Options

    by Food
    Though organic produce has been at the forefront of the food movement over the last handful of years, sustainable seafood has only recently gained much-needed attention. Fishing practices for some of America's most popular seafood choices (salmon, eel,
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    Whether you're hosting a Halloween party, sharing treats with your officemates, or looking for a fun Fall activity, you'll want to pin a few of these festive recipes. Cute, not creepy, these treats range from ghost marshmallow treats to jack-o'-lantern cake pops and are sure to captivate your imagination.

    This recipe, unlike others, seasons the pumpkin filling with garlic, butter, and cheddar cheese. The resulting recipe is simply addictive, but it's not complete without some additional Harry Potter recipes like Butterbeer to wash it down.

    We've rounded up our favorite homemade candy recipes, ranging from fluffy marshmallows and candied citrus peel to chocolate matzo toffee and dark chocolate truffles. There's a homemade way to get a sugar rush for pretty much any palate.

    Many people can't help but generously stock their pantry with can after can of pumpkin puree. You would think there's a pumpkin shortage! Sure, there's pumpkin pie, but the puree can go so much further. These seven inspired ideas will help you use up leftover pumpkin in mouthwatering ways.

    Other than attending synagogue for the High Holidays, there's one major tradition that Jews all over the globe share: the Rosh Hashanah dinner. Whether you're a seasoned diner at these events or you're going to your very first Rosh Hashanah meal, here are some great recipes to help get the New Year kicked off right!

    The most infamous dish from Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen has to be the beef Wellington, a British dish consisting of a seared filet mignon, whole-grain mustard and wrapped prosciutto, an herbed crepe, duxelles, and puff pastry. Now, you can get the dish without traveling to the UK with this recipe.

    We dove deep into the depths of Instagram to bring you the best of the best. Side effects of perusing this roundup may include: uncontrollable smiling, laughter, happiness, and in some extreme cases, tears of joy.

    Throwing a Halloween party? Sure, you could simply stock up on fun-size candies and fill your fridge with beer, but why not go the extra mile and throw a more elevated bash? Watch the video for a handful of spooky-chic Halloween nibbles, drinks, and DIY ideas.

    Starting Sept. 11, visitors can expect to find a spookily-sweet assortment of Halloween-themed bites, including "poison" apples, candy corn Mickey cupcakes, and much more. Read here to see all the treats you need to try.

    Let's face it, Halloween is the perfect time to embrace your kitschy side, and few things will get you in the seasonal spirit faster than throwing back a shot of this extremely easy-to-make liqueur.

    These 25 recipes are prime examples, including not one but three cozy caffeinated beverages, muffins and quick breads aplenty, pumpkin spice granola, and much, much more.

    With a little creativity, you can transform everyday toast into a spooky, spiced, and sweet indulgence: ghost toast. Aside from four common ingredients, all you'll need is a sheet of tinfoil, a pair of scissors, and a tiny bit of patience.

    These 14 options make the best of the seasonal bounty of fruit (pears, cranberries, pumpkin, and apples) as well as autumnal flavors like bourbon, walnuts, and pecans (you didn't think we forgot pecan pie, did you?).

    Candy and booze. Two of life's simple pleasures. Combine them and you get a pretty sweet beverage. We have 10 cocktail recipes to satisfy your cravings. If you're planning a Halloween party, we've got the tricks to make the perfect grown-up treat!

    Sweet, sour, colorful, retro — those goodies you seek have a personality all their own. But which one best matches yours? Take our quiz now!

    Give peanut butter blossoms (aka peanut butter cookies with a chocolate Kiss on top) a Halloween spin with this simple how-to! It's cute and quick and will please the taste buds of kids and adults alike.

    These days it's all about the naked cake — in other words, keeping the cake layer(s) bare, while only icing the top(s). It's so easy! Just plop the frosting onto the top of the cake and use a spatula to spread it evenly. No crumb layer, no Pinterest fails, just beautiful, rustic presentation.

    All hail the mighty butternut squash! Its creamy consistency; mellow, buttery flavor; and golden-orange hue make it an ideal addition to salads, soups, pasta, pizza, and more. Take a look at these 22 great recipes for squash-piration.

    Though it may be difficult for us measly muggles to re-create spells, one thing we can bring to life is the food and drink mentioned in the books. Though it may not be as easy as shouting "accio butterbeer!", these recipes are absolutely doable for the home cook.

    If you're hosting a dinner party this Fall, consider the menu done. Fitting for an elegant, rustic affair, this menu is filled with seasonal flavors guaranteed to impress.

    While there are lots of Butterbeer renditions out there — mostly consisting of heavy cream, spices, and butterscotch soda — this one contains actual butterscotch and beer. It has natural buttery flavor and a rich, hefty body perfect to keep you warm on a chilly Fall evening.

    These decadent crockpot candies (chocolate clusters stuffed with nuts) satisfy any chocolate craving and have a crunchy texture. This recipe is also really versatile — use your favorite nuts or chocolates. Make it dairy-free or peanut-free, depending on your family's and friends' needs.

    One bite of this gooey, melted dip, and I knew instantly: this is it. It turns out that it's an Emeril Lagasse recipe, and the secret ingredients are a combination of three cheeses, bacon, and fresh spinach. It you want to kick this classic up a notch, I highly recommend you try it for yourself.

    When hosting a cocktail party, appetizers and desserts that pack plenty of flavor but require no utensils and no cleanup are a must. Here are 25 of our favorite recipes perfect for entertaining.

    We love candy corn, so why not drink it? The Halloween-themed trick-or-tini carefully layers rum, banana liqueur, juice, and heavy whipping cream for a martini that looks just like candy corn. How sweet!