Nature Magazine // series on Darwin and his legacy around the world // illustration by Gracia Lam

Gracia Lam

Gracia Lam is an illustrator based in Toronto, Canada, who likes to reinvent everyday objects and mundane environments. I really like how she plays with positive and negative space in her slightly surreal compositions.

Moose ... perfecte picture voor op kussen in zetel ;)

Dream Interpretation: Deer - nice times are ahead if you dream of deer wild and free. But if the deer is trapped or hunted you may run into disappointment. See a deer that has died and watch out - a close friend is talking about you behind your back!

Green, blush pink and orange

Illustration Inspiration A fine selection of personal illustrations and commissioned work by Gracia Lam, an illustrator born in Hong Kong and raised in Toronto, Canada. More illustrations by Gracia.

Black Hen - Kitchen Art - Country Chic - Chicken Print

Chicken rooster, hen, farmyard animals, wannabe farmers wife art, black animals Art Print by Eastwitching

happy birthday wes!

"I promise I will never be your friend. No matter what." – said by Jack (Jason Schwartzman) in Hotel Chevalier/The Darjeeling Limited, by Wes Anderson.

Little Red Riding Hood by Laura Zombie $90

Machine Gun Riding Hood Art Block captures a version of the classic fairy tale that foreshadows a slightly different ending for the Big Bad Wolf. Looks like Granny will probably be getting that basket of food, safe and sound