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The Ultimate Shampoo Guide - How to pick the best shampoo for your hair type

  • Randi Duquette

    Dry shampoo doesn't work either I bought salon quality from my hairdresser and it still left my hair greasy

  • Barbara Kernos

    But what do you do if you have dry, straight, coloured course hair like I do?

  • LarašŸŒ…šŸŒ’

    The best shampoo is a shampoo without silicons ! Silicon ends on -CONE or -XANE , silicon drys out your hair because your hair feels soft and smooth but it's just a build up around your hair !

  • Julia Kidd

    Elizabeth Walters, If you have four of them then just get all four of them and mix them in fourths before you take your shower then use that

  • Angela Tillman

    Avoid shampoos with sulfates in them. There are two they put in shampoo. "Sodium lauryl sulfate" & "sodium laureth sulfate". Avoid shampoos with the "lauryl" sulfate. Shampoos with the "laureth" sulfate are better to use. but make sure it doesn't have the lauryl sulfate in it!!

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  • Megan Bell

    Henna will only dye your skin or scalp; it will not harm it.

  • Grayson Shaw

    as long as you use purely body art quality henna, without metallic salts or indigo, your hair will be safe, even to color over it with chemicals if need be. I've done it myself, back and forth for 10+ years. The trouble is, henna sold for hair doesn't have to list every ingredient, so you have no idea what crap is added. Stick to body art pure henna only,

  • Grayson Shaw

    period. The others are generally cassia (blonde) and indigo (black), the latter of which cannot ever be colored over or touched with chemicals or you get the dreaded green or melting hair. Pure henna will only improve hair condition and thickness.

  • Grayson Shaw has been my source all along and is loaded with great pics and information, along with imported pure henna where every single batch is lab tested by her for quality, possible contaminants and dye content (which varies slightly due to location, weather, etc like wine grapes!).

soft & romantic updo

Thinking of doing this to my hair in two weeks :)

How to mix Henna + List of additives for different things

My summer and senior hair with some red highlights

Henna / Coconut Milk Recipe: 100 gram of henna (you can use any kind that is body-art quality)|Coconut milk (About 7oz. or as much as needed to create a good creamy texture) |Apple cider vinegar|Coconut oil

hair color, makes me want to not dye my hair, since mine is close to this if I let it go natural full than added a few warm honey blonde highlights.

So I'm going to re-dye my hair...this may be a possibility..the last layer at the bottom may be too light for me though? Any suggestions out there?