Are you familiar with Ghost Hunting equipment? No, we're not talking about Ghostbusters Proton Packs. We're talking about EMF Meters, EVP Equipment, Radars, Temperature “Cold Spot” Gauges, and yes, there are even popular Apps for Ghost Hunting. Guests are also highly encouraged to take photos all along the way. Many very strange photos have "materialized"... Explore the darkest secrets and legends of Atlanta on our chilling Ghosts of Atlanta Walking Tour! Do YOU believe in Ghosts?

Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut (USA) is not just the most haunted cemetery in Connecticut, it is considered by many to be the most haunted cemetery in the United States. The most famous ghost there is the White Lady.

COVERT SCIENCE-EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG-The Texas Ghost Light can be found near Saratoga, Texas, on a dirt path called Bragg Road. The light appears at random times at night, changing from yellow to white and swaying from side to side like someone waving a lantern. While some witnesses have attempted to approach the light with no success, many others have claimed it has chased their vehicles and made their motors stall. What causes the light remains a mystery. "We close our…

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