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  • Victor Ravens

    Le Art 23 notes tagged as: avengers. captain america. thor. iron man. black widow.

  • Christina Gentil

    Black Widow Venus- I actually have to write a paper about the Birth of Venus. I wonder if my art history professor will let me use this as an example in my paper....


    #Avengers #Fan #Art. (The Avengers after Botticelli’s "The Birth of Venus" Cover) By: Julian Totino Tedesco. ÅWESOMENESS!!!™

  • Torrey Anderson

    "Argentinian artist Julian Totino Tedesco shows his love for the classics and comic books with his piece The Birth Of Black Widow, which is based on Botticelli’s masterpiece The Birth Of Venus and was used as the alternate cover art for Fantastic Four #17."

  • Raphael Guimel

    Great art parodies: 25 iconic paintings recreated by funny and clever contemporary artists - Blog of Francesco Mugnai by JulianTotinoTedesco

  • Jim Jacobson

    @Caitlin Burton @Emily Schoenfeld M Your love for these superheroes + my love for Renaissance art! Perfect mash-up! hahaha

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