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    Dog Cone Full of Stuffed Animals

    Cone of shame

    My face after a cone as well

    Dog Cone Head-the cone of shame - I will have this in my clinic!!!

    Just for smiles alternative to the cone of shame...hahahahaha

    If you're going to have to wear the cone of shame, it might as well be the death star cone of shame.


    Why are dogs sometimes so expressive? They don't even have opposable thumbs but they seem to have a full range of human emotions

    This made me laugh so much.

    Just like my dog

    Yo Dawg, I heard you like dogs, so we put a dog on your dog!

    This dog.

    I took my dog's bone away because it was broken, she comes back with this in her mouth....hahah smart dog.

    Paw Plunger -- Clean your dog's paws without giving them a full bath. I need this!

    :) Good Dog

    #Dog #Dogs

    Dogs are so funny!

    lol funny animals

    my dogs are the same way!!!