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    How to braid, all different kinds of braids. Easy pictures.

    Step-by-Step instructions on How to braid your hair - basic, fishtail, french, french over, french rope, princess ann, rope - with lots of pictures for each

    my hair will be in one of these styles for when i travel! easy, simple, yet pretty!!!

    Swedish Piggies. So cute and easy!

    This is such a great tutorial for french braiding! Im so trying this when I get home lol.

    Kool-aid Slime- edible, easy to make, and borax free!

    great tutorial on how to french braid... now I just need to figure out how to get my 3 year old to sit still while I do it! :)

    There are so many different braids out there — how many can you create? Everyone wants to master the new trendy style before a new one is invented. So, we've broken down every kind of plait (with gorgeous real-girl pictures and tutorials) for hairstyle inspiration. See photos of inside-out braids, dutch braids, milkmaid braids, fishtail braids, waterfall braids, mermaid braids, ladder braids, carousel braids, snake braids, five-strand braids, cornrows, and crown braids.

    For my friends who don't know how to french braid

    3, 5 & 10 Minute Makeup Tutorial /

    Do a normal braid, then hold onto the middle strand and push the 2 sides up the braid...

    REALLY? To straighten hair without heat, just mix a cup of water with 2 tablespoons of BROWN sugar, pour it into a spray bottle, then spray into damp hair and let air dry. Crazy, think Im gonna have to try this.

    I tried this and it worked! Super easy!

    How to avoid getting red, awful ingrown hairs when after shaving or a bikini wax?

    Unicorn Braid Tutorial

    ~ DIY Easy Braid ~

    Perfect New Year's Hair Tutorial|New Year's Eve Hair Ideas|New Year's Eve Hairstyles - Party Hairstyles|Christmas tree decorating ideas pictures|NEW YEAR'S EVE Makeup Hair Tutorial - YouTube

    Easy how to for the dutch or reverse braid!

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    Here's an EASY Elsa Braid Tutorial to create an Elsa Braid for Kids at Home! Pin this How to Guide for Frozen Hair now!