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I mean come on - this is funny.

Omg, i just laughed way too hard at this!

Max and Ruby's parents died in a car accident. Ruby was at bunny scouts while her parents and Max were in the car. Both her parents died and Max suffered brain damage. So that answers your question.

Julie Morris I remember someone saying they spoke Spanish. . . and then something VERY similar to this happened.

Yep. Or I just laugh at the page and slam the cookbook closed.

This will always be one if my favorite pins

I was reading the comments on this and thinking... do these people not know what ice is? Because I feel like that would be easier than flipping over a full cup of water... just a thought.

Fatness is a sign of success with animals. With humans, not so much. Too much success can be a bad thing. Failure is bad, but too much success can kill you just as dead.

Funny Animal Signs - I was tempted not to pin this, but then realized I'll probably never see it again and it is funny in a gross way.

Well I mean how else is he supposed to become roughly the size of a barge?