Forensic Scientist Abby Sciuto

Forensic Scientist Abby Sciuto by ~KissofCrimson on deviantART

Love this description of Abby! // NCIS

She's a true goth actually. Most real goths that I've run into just like the style. They aren't mopey, rude, or emo at all.

Abby and mop ziva

Abby and mop ziva



abby sciuto cosplay ncis by *shiny-kiyoko on deviantART

me in my abby sciuto cosplay ^^ love it love abby love all persons of ncis ^-^ abby sciuto cosplay ncis

"Nobody gets everything right om the first time, McGee." Abby to McGee, NCIS quotes

my favorite abby quote XD I use this one all the time :)

NCIS Abby Sciuto quotes : "Ducky and I might have found something thats minjor. It's maybe not major, but it's more than minor.