How to: Image Transfer on watercolor paper enhanced with colored pencils and burnished with beeswax.

How-to: layering book paper, wax & tissue paper in your art journal.....or, I'm thinking, even on canvas or wood.

Encaustic photo tutorial, have never tried it with photos

BeesWax Collage

Kristin McFarlane "I regard glass as a perfect medium for layering images and text to create three dimensional and creative works as its tactile, sensual qualities are so unlike paper. [...] Type and image is given the opportunity to 'float' in space and time, no longer constrained to a page but free to interact within various layers, viewed from many angles and its multi dimensionality adds further intangible qualities as the glass changes under different lighting."

DIY Geo Papers tutorial by Jill Berry - papers painted to simulate geographical imagery #techniques #maps #backgrounds

Bloom - The newest piece in my series of abstract florals

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Painting Alcohol Watercolor Textures, a really useful instructional technique for getting super interesting texture . . . Posted by Penny

Tissue paper is no longer just for stuffing gift bags. These days I'm using tissue paper in a lot of my art and paper projects because it is so versatile. It's flexible, semi transparent, thin and printable. Today's tutorial is about how to print on tissue paper.


Watercolor Finishing, Varnishing and Preservation using beeswax

Tips for a Successful Immediate Image Transfer

wax paper resist art idea

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Polykromos: Monoprinting With Watercolor - watercolor paper soaked with watercolor paint and water, leaves laid on top and then stones to hold them down and then left to dry.

How to paint with encaustic beeswax, oil, and photo transfer

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