This one's for all you women with plus-size... pores! (And bloodshot eyes.) You're in the same beauty category as the real Megan Fox! #photoshop #fake #beauty #realistic #airbrushing #retouch

Megan Fox

Stars Without Makeup

Kim #Kardashian without make up

airbrushed celebrities before and after - Google Search

Kate Hudson without photoshop

Supermodels in 1994.

Hairstylist Gun-Britt Zeller. What a beautiful woman! This will be my hair at 60. :)

Healthy woman, Photoshopped for publishing #thin #fake #unhealthy #selfesteem

Lipstick coverage & glossy shine. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine. #beauty #lipstick


Un-airbrushed vs. airbrushed Alessandra Ambrosio. // With thanks to @Millie Cleveland.

Megan Fox Celebrity Close-Up, A Collection of Unflattering, Extremely Close Photos of Celebrities

The real Fergie glammed up for a show, and fake Fergie with heavy Photoshop. ~ I think she is gorgeous with no photo shop. Too bad the magazine editors don't agree...

More realistic than the Dove ads. All women are beautiful.

Victoria's Secret model without photoshop. We all have "imperfections".

Before and after Photoshop

naked skin beauty balm

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