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The waterproof planetarium floats in water and contains a bright light that projects out into the room, or even into the tub itself when flipped over. It also includes Rose Bath and Deep Ocean graphic domes for changing to a different mood.

Bathroom Planetarium - Take My Paycheck | The coolest gadgets, electronics, geeky stuff, and more!

The Ten Person Water Totter - Spruce Lake?

Creative Candles - Christop Van Bommel: A single flame lights additional ones.

moss shower mat that lives off the water that falls after you get out of the shower. This is awesome!

An incredible invention that uses a "wall of water" around around a plate of food to keep it fresh. Water cuts off when your hand gets near to take an item out.

The bathtub planetarium sphere from Sega Toys let’s you do just that. Just dim or turn out the lights and stars are projected everywhere. It will even project underwater scenes, even roses all over you and the room.

Suction cup cover for the bathtub overfill drain so you can actually have a full tub when you want one