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Maltese puppy - look at that puppy face next to her pink teddy! Such love, beautiful doggie.

Teacup Maltese Puppies | Teeny tiny teacup maltese puppy | Flickr - Photo Sharing! I want one!!!

I might be pretty, but if you Shop for your next family pet, your enabling Puppy Mills to continue in their business of animal cruelty. Adopt, DON'T Shop! Save a life! If you have to have a specific breed, look into a rescue group. is a good place to start. You just might find your new best friend just minutes before be put to death...

Teacup maltese! This would change my mind about a pet... ;) waaay too cute!

Teacup Maltese. I want one!!!! Is that a real puppy? That's too tiny to be a real puppy. lol

teacup my little Muffett, but teenier.....what do ya think Rhonda....kinda like Bear

Maltese - Oh my goodness!! I want to cuddle this fluffy little thing! :D ♥

I would be constantly dressing it up and taking pictures of it if I had one of these... Not so sure if that's a good thing.