Yea im not smart i barrly undastans de regular math so hard i dnt undastand alota things im STUPID

  • Barbara

    Clever Math humor! Do you get it????

  • Mary Love

    Quotes, sayings

  • Emilie Elfrink

    Brain teaser time. Need a hint? Don't over think this one. You will laugh once you get it.

  • Kyla Schnell

    Not really only smart people, but people who see things differently, I guess. Clever ones.

  • Irene Hodge

    Brain teaser time. Need a hint? Don't over think this one. My kind of math ;)

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hold on to that fellin kid :)

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 65 Pics

These Daily Odd Compliments are so funny! I don't why but I am pretty sure I have actually said some of this stuff on here. That is scary how weird I am. (One has a word I don't approve of, so I apologize.)


Assholes vs douchebags Funny and very true. Oh sooooo true


Couldn't agree more


Brenda Keaton

Abbi House

Types of morning people…

Edgar Allen Poe -- Queen lyrics

but seriously, I love this idea


Excuse me, but the correct term is "Muggle Born" Abbi House Alicia Foley

Alicia Foley

Alicia Foley

It's like someone documented my middle school life. - 50 Signs That You Grew Up In The 90's

This is me lol


Alicia Foley sent this to me...lol