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.Might have to sit on a rock for hours...or days, waiting for someone to kindly take your picture! I'm packing a lot of provisions for this photo opportunity. Looks like I'll be going on a diet (again!) for the photo shoot, too. Perhaps I can lie, and just tell everyone that's me in disguise sitting on that rock!

When Health is absent, Wisdom cannot reveal itself; Art cannot become manifest; Strength cannot be exerted; Wealth is useless; and Reason is powerless. ~ Herophilus- 300 B.C.

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With each inhale lift yourself closer to the sun. With each exhale root yourself more deeply in the ground. #QuoteOfTheDay

I normally do this and keep what I feel I need to say to myself however there are times I just can't. I don't regret what I say I regret how I say it. I need to practice this more often and just smile and except what I can't do anything about.

This is my favorite move when doing yoga. I even do this when I am stressed at my work.

lovewithoutdissimulation: AGH I love this! Thanks Claire! ….another reminder that there is more than just Asana!

I could probably do that. I have the front leg down. Now, how to get the opposite leg back behind my head...