three square: Summer Vegetable Pancakes with Basil Chive Cream

Cheesy Cauliflower Pancakes

Chicken in basil cream. The kids said this was the BEST CHICKEN recipe they've ever had ...

White Bean Basil Hummus

Eggplant, tomato, basil and feta cheese...bake at 350


Vegetable enchiladas

Have you had street tacos? Street tacos are the best, most authentic (in my opinion) tacos you can get anywhere. They’re sold on little street carts and they are my absolute favorite. I grew up getting them pretty often with my family and I’m telling you, I could put away three, four, five of those... Read More »

Roasted Vegetables

Healthy Potato Salad 2pound potatoes, 1/3c parsley, 1/3c basil, 1/3c cilantro, 1/4c lemon juice, sprinkle of pepper, 1tsp. Dijon mustard, and 2tsp. Chives

Vegetable Casserole

Lime Chipotle Avocados ~ Raw Food Recipe ingredients 1 avocado ($1.50) 2 tablespoons agave or date paste ($.20) 2 tablespoons lime juice ($.20) 1 scant teaspoon chipotle seasoning ($.05) 1 tablespoon chopped chives ($.10) salt and pepper to taste

World's Easiest Grilled Vegetables

Breads from Anna — Gluten and Yeast Free Apple Pancake & Muffin Mix. Corn, Dairy, Soy, Nut and Rice free too!


Leftover mashed potatoes get a new lease on life thanks to these puffs! They're combined with eggs, sour cream, cheese and chives, then baked in a cupcake pan until golden and crusty with creamy middles.

garlic shrimp with basil and tomatoes

How did I miss this? Bacon stuffed pancakes!

Pok Pok Som Drinking Vinegar (Thai Basil) — ChatsworthGoods - Online Artisanal & Specialty Food, Beverage and Body Care Retailer. #DrinkingVinegar

cucumber + basil + cilantro + cottage cheese= thai cucumber.. light summer snacking

16 Skinny Fall Soups