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    Pygmy Seahorse

    This is an image you don't see every day... This amazing photo of an embryonic dolphin was taken using a combination of three-dimensional ultrasound scans, computer graphics and tiny cameras. (image from the National Geographic Documentary “Extraordinary Animals in the Womb”)

    hot pink and aqua pygmy seahorse

    Sea dragon in red, sea dragons are amazing creatures, they have both sexes and it's the male that takes care of babies.

    Little Sea Dragon

    Jelly-like: Dumbo octopus.

    Colorful coral and Seahorses

    HandFish, a cousin to the angler fish. Brachionichthys politus from Tasmania. They 'walk' rather than swim, using their modified pectoral fins to move about on the sea floor.

    Neon Colored Sea Slug

    Seahorse Watercolor Art

    Sea slug, almost unreal

    Needle pipe seahorse at Maumere.

    sea turtle riding a jellyfish

    endangered Rainbow Seahorse.

    Clione or "sea angels" are small, gelatinous gastropods which have no shell and whose foot has evolved into a pair of delicate flapping wings. via ferrebeekeeper. Photo by Reuters/Kimimasa Mayama #Sea_Angel #Clione #ferrebeekeeper #Kimimasa_Mayama

    pygmy leaf chameleon, world's smallest chameleon. it lives on the ground and hunts for tiny insects in the leaf litter.

    A Benthic sea cucumber commonly known as the pink see-through fantasia.



    Jay Strongwater Elliott Seahorse Box