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Pup Stars by @Touchoo - an interactive book about a dog who wants to become a pop star in an 'American Idol/X Factor' music competition (one of the judges is even named 'Simon Growl'). Original Appysmarts score: 84/100 #kids #apps #kidsapps

Is a Camel a Mammal? (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat) - an interactive book introducing kids to various deserts from around the world, plants and animals. Appysmarts score: 89/100,id_104643.php

Discount: The Berenstain Bears and the Big Spelling Bee by Oceanhouse Media (Old Price: 3.99$, New Price: 2.99$) - an interactive version of the Berenstain Bears book by Stan and Jan Berenstain,id_517.php

Choco Gets A Check Up for iPhone - a picture book (about 20 pages long) about a pet bunny visiting a friendly vet. Uses real-life photos as illustrations.

Do you like funny riddles? So let's see some that you will like. What does bird feathers, bird legs, beak, but not fly or walk like a bird? Rpta: A dead bi

Queenie La'Be and the Crazy Squirrel - featured in Episode 12 of Appysmarts weekly video podcast. An interactive book about a cranky old lady who one day finds a squirrel in her house. The squirrel refuses to leave and makes a mess of the house, original Appysmarts score: 82/100

FREE for a limited time! Mum's Cronky Car - an interactive book written by Anita Pouroulis, illustrated by Jon Lycett-Smith.

Butterfly HD by Sprout Labs - an app teaching about butterflies and their lifecycle. Original Appysmarts score: 82/100

Brainjogging for Kids - a set of 8 brain-teasing games and activities with 4 difficulty levels each. Appysmarts score: 88/100