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Believe Liquid Lipstick: Raspberry ice-cream pink v. 1. Feel sure that (something) is true; accept the statement of (someone) as true, have religious faith 2. (believe in) have faith in the truth or existence of 3. (believe in) have confidence in 4. think or suppose: I believe we’ve already met

Charm Liquid Lipstick n. 1. The power or quality of delighting, attracting or fascinating others; an attractive characteristic or feature 2. A small ornament worn on a necklace or bracelet 3. An object, art or saying believed to have magic power v. 1. Delight greatly, use one’s charm in order to influence someone 2. Control or achieve as if by magic

Ambition Liquid Lipstick: n. 1. a strong desire to do or achieve something, desire and determination to achieve success

Passionate Liquid Lipstick: A two-tone, hot purple pink. adj. 1. having, showing, or caused by passion n. 1. strong and barely controllable emotion, an outburst of such emotion 2. intense sexual love 3. an intense enthusiasm for something

Pink Champagne Cake

Pink Champagne Cake with Pink Champagne Buttercream ~ This elegant dessert, with it’s moist champagne infused layers & delicious buttercream is perfect for weddings, engagement parties, anniversaries, New Year’s Eve, or any occasion that calls for something special.

Drive Liquid Lipstick: v. 1. Operate and control the direction and speed of a motor vehicle 2. Propel or carry along by force, provide the power to operate (a machine), (in ball games) hit or kick (the ball) hard 3. Urge or force to move in a specified direction 4. Compel to act in a particular way: he was driven by ambition

Lip tints, looking lovely! Latte, Started with a kiss, A millon kisses, Double choc, And one flavour i cannot see

Power Liquid Lipstick: A striking, golden red. n. (mass noun) 1. The ability to influence the behavior of others or do something or act in a particular way 2. The capacity to influence the behavior of others, the emotions, or the course of events

Cheeseburger Tots

These Cheeseburger tots are tater tot bites filled with hamburger, cheese, pickles, and a special sauce. It’s like a bite size Big Mac served in a tater tot cup! This is an easy game day recipe for your upcoming super bowl party! It is an easy party food recipe that is going to wow your friends and family. Tater tots + Cheeseburger = instant winner!

Healthy Liquid Eyeliner: A lush, leafy green. adj. (healthier, healthiest) 1. In good health; not unwell or diseased, indicating or promoting good health: a healthy diet 2. Normal, natural or desirable; a healthy attitude, of a very satisfactory size or amount: a healthy profit