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If you’re a social media manager or a newbie and you’re treating Pinterest like the other social platforms you are making a big mistake and that will cause you to under-perform on Pinterest. What it also means to you is it’s in your best interest to step back and formulate a new plan starting today. Click here to learn more www.whiteglovesoc... | Pinterest for Business tips by Pinterest expert Anna Bennett

How To Develop a Pinterest Strategy from Scratch by Vincent Ng of MCNG Marketing | Pinterest Keynote Speaker and Marketer

We all see the income numbers. Blogs showing how they earned $100, $500, or even $31,271 in a single month. While those number are pretty enticing, it can be hard to know how to make money blogging. This post outlines simple ways to earn a bit of extra cash from your blog using Pinterest.

"Pinterest, from a marketers perspective, begins and ends with content. Content is the heart of Pinterest."

One of the other strategies to employ when growing your Pinterest followers is to make sure that your group board ranks high on the Pinterest search engine. Everything you do on Pinterest is about getting found on Pinterest’s search engine. Learn how my group board ranks number 1 on Pinterest's search engine! www.whiteglovesoc... | Pinterest tips for business by Pinterest expert Anna Bennett

When you are crafting your pin descriptions with the intent to share them on Twitter and Facebook then do your best to highlight the most important point on that first sentence. It’s apparently what people on those platforms respond to most. Click to learn more Pinterest tips for business by Pinterest expert Anna Bennett www.whiteglovesoc...

Pinterest is particularly effective from a marketing standpoint because, while Facebook is largely about who you are, Pinterest is about who you want to be.

Pinterest marketing expert Anna Bennett tips for businesses: Avoid embarrassment and use these 6 steps to set-up your Pinterest business profile. CLICK here to learn more www.whiteglovesoc...

Buffer versus Pinterest. Which Pinterest scheduling tool is better for your business? Which one has better features and benefits and provides more bang for your buck? Find out in this detailed analysis.

Why Pinterest May Be The Most Important Social Network For Brands For The 2015 Holiday Season

Who doesn't want a winning Pinterest strategy? In part one of this two-part series, Vincent Ng of MCNG Marketing | Pinterest Keynote Speaker and Marketer shows us five guidelines for a great Pinterest strategy.

Anna is one of the few Pinterest marketing experts worldwide endorsed by Pinterest itself. A quick visit to her Pinterest page will speak volumes of her expertise and understanding of brand marketing and how social media and branding support each other. Google “Pinterest Expert” and her name will be the first result. Listen to the podcast or to read the transcript go to

Have you considered using Pinterest to promote your business or are you one of those skeptical marketers and small business owners who would rather say "Pinterest doesn't work" than find a way to make it work?

Pinterest tip: It is crucial to repin other blogger’s pins from group boards. | via Mary Lumley | | Pinterest Marketing & Training, France

What social media managers need to know is that Pinterest users behave differently on this platform. What that means to you is that how you create and curate content on Pinterest will be different than what you post on Facebook, what you tweet, etc. Knowing how to manage Facebook and Twitter accounts is not the same thing as managing a Pinterest account. Get checklist www.whiteglovesoc... | Pinterest expert Anna Bennett

Pinterest marketing for newbies: If you don’t know where to start or want to learn how to set-up and operate your Pinterest account correctly for maximum success as quickly as possible you can receive Chapter 1 of my Pinterest Marketing for Business course for FREE to help you get started. Click here to get started (opt-in required) www.whiteglovesoc... | Pinterest marketing tips for business by Pinterest expert Anna Bennett

Join Tailwind and @PostPlanner July 22 at 10am PT for a FREE Pinterest for Business webinar. Just click on the pin to signup!

Transitioning a personal account to a Pinterest business account is very similar to tackling a disorganized closet. The pins don’t fit right, nothing looks good and half the items are on the floor in a jumbled mess. However, there is hope and only a few users will have to throw out everything.....

Do you want to grow your Pinterest account and drive traffic to your site, but just don't know where to start? Pinterest can be an incredibly powerful social media tool and there's so much you can do to make your Pinterest account more effect at bringing traffic to your site. It can also get really overwhelming, really quick. This master list of Pinterest tips and links to helpful resources can help.

Your business name, username and the about section is an area where you can apply SEO tactics which are critical for getting the high organic search ranking. Getting a high organic search ranking is necessary for driving large volumes of traffic to your website. Click here to watch the video tutorial www.whiteglovesoc... | Pinterest for Business tip by Pinterest Expert Anna Bennett

Getting Serious with Pinterest Automation. How to use tools like Zapier and IFTTT to make your social media work more efficient. With Ralph Rivera