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When not in school or doing farm chores, barefoot Harvey walked across the road with any number of his 11 siblings and fishing pole to fish in the ...

Beyond Buggies & Bonnets: True Amish Stories: Do You Know the Amish?

"From Little Acorns" One of Coleman's first photos of Henry, now he's one of Coleman's well-known children. [Photo by Bill Coleman 1925-2014]

"From Little Acorns" - picture of Henry, one of Coleman's favorite friends. (Photo by Bill Coleman)

Sweet Amish Boy

Amish clothing is a cornerstone of the Amish culture. It has helped the Amish survive and maintain their identity for over three centuries.

"Experience is the best teacher." Apprenticeships are used to train Amish youth of all ages." (Delightful Amish Proverbs -

Amish boys are watching a game of baseball outside their school house in Bergholz, Ohio. Amish families gathered to celebrate the final day of school with a farewell picnic. April (AP Photo/Scott R.

Flower for my momma.  Amish child.

A little Amish girl holding a sunflower behind her back. My sister loves anything to do with Amish, her kitchen is absolutely beautiful how she has it decorated with all Amish things !


Adorable Amish Kids (NOT barn animals-but, adorable amish children down on the…

1941 Pennsylvania

Four Amish children perch on a fence on a hot summer's day in Pennsylvania in photo Howell Walker, National Geographic Society