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  • Karen Hoch

    Saving your pet with CPR Infographic - San Diegans - There's a pet first aid class this Saturday - Mission Valley YMCA from 1-4. Learn how to heimlich your dog -CPR and other first aid topics covered.

  • Naomi Cayton

    Know doggy CPR. | 25 Brilliant Lifehacks That Every Dog Owner Should Know -that's a good thing to know!

  • Redefine With Angela

    Dog CPR - Every Dog Owner Needs To Know This. @angelabuck #redefine #redefinewithangela #redefined #dog #pet #animal #cpr #health #healthy #canine #firstaid #tips

  • Fanny Adams

    Our counselors are trained in pet first aid and CPR...Do you know how to do this? Facebook: Website: #pet girl #pet boy #Cute pet|

  • Bosley's by Pet Valu

    Dog CPR. This could save your dog's life! Source: American Red Cross - Please note that there is an associated risk with putting your face near your dog's mouth during this procedure of potentially being bitten.

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Good to know, might save a dog's life one day! HUGE Disclaimer--Giving rescue breathes to a Dog (of any size)--be very careful. Similar to giving C.P.R. to a Baby. *DO NOT* blow "too hard" or you risk possible damage to a dogs lungs. Based on the size of the dog you should "know"--just be careful with your "Breaths" 2-Videos--On "Training" & "Real" Training *REAL* Video--Dog Trainer Saves Dog