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  • S W

    Star Wars Cupcake Stencils - Great idea! #StarWars #food

  • Kate Conder

    More for #StarWars birthday party! Stencils For a fast and easy way to add Star Wars decorations to your cupcakes, use ground cinnamon or powdered sugar to fill these Star Wars Cupcake Stencils ($10 for 4).

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I don't even care about Star Wars but these are cute! Leia is my favorite.

Star Wars (1977-2005)... I came to Star Wars late in life, though I did see IV-VI first, but, yea... I like all of the movies... well except for that singing scene, that's just weird.

Laur, you know I've done this to you. Lol. I'll never be as badass as the original... "I love you." "I know" framed canvas print ♥

I guess I can move this here now

The X-Wing Fighter on a Mission to the Death Star | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I know this is meant to just be funny, but this is what using a light saber is like in the old D6 RPG.

because a cupcake is just not enough. Doughnut on top of a coffee cake cupcake

Star Wars Collectors Watches: It’s Time to Use the Force

this is pretty, but I don't know that it would taste good... i don't trust fondant.

Chewbacca was always grumbling about that comb stuck in his back fur...

4get the rose petals! i'd b more excited 2 c what else is waiting at the top of those stairs; maybe a giant chocolate cake and a glass of wine!! lol