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Should I shave my legs today

I love Ellen and her show, and nearly every one of these tweets made me laugh.

Hit And Run Driver Leaves Courteous Note About Screwing You Over | Happy Place

Someday, I will own a coffee shop in downtown Chattanooga or similar, and I will hang this on the wall so everyone who rushes through in the morning on the way to the office may stop and read it and have a smile to start their day.

Haha sometimes this is so true! Mostly after Michael has been traveling for weeks.

Deciding to ride your cycle without a helmet, is a beacon of hope for those in need of new organs!

True story! Good thing I've got a wrap for that! ;)

You know what I would do in the Olympics? The US Men's Swim Team. | Sports Ecard |

there's a couple of people I could send this to...

LMAO. I couldn't pass this and not appreciate the beauty of the bottom picture.

I didn't write it LOL and it drives me INSANE that it says HEALS....but it's still funny anyway.....