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  • Lucia Morillo

    Cute Animal Twins

  • Barbara Edwards

    Feathered Friends ~Parrots

  • Evita Price

    I have an Alexandrine. You can tell them apart from Indian Ringnecks by the wine colored patch on their shoulder. Beak and body is larger too, but the red spot is the giveaway. Amazing birds, the largest parakeet.

  • otrgirl @Carin

    Ana Rosa / beautiful tropical birds

  • Lynette Mary Moon

    Indian Ringneck Parakeets Beautiful Birds: LM

  • Julie

    Indian Ring necked parrots - Indian Rose-ringed Parakeet (P. k. manillensis) originates from the southern Indian Subcontinent and has feral and naturalized populations worldwide. In Australia, Great Britain (mainly around London), the United States, and other western countries, it is often referred to as the Indian Ringnecked Parrot.