Smoky Quartz from Mexico

Cinnabar on Quartz Avala Mountain, near Beograd (Belgrade), Serbia

a fabulous cut stone Smoky Quartz. Photo: © M. Bienkowska.

Crystals for Letting Go of the Past — Release and let go of the past with Anhydrite, Rutilated Quartz, Infinite (Light Green Serpentine), or Smoky Quartz. Hold in your hands as you repeat your preferred affirmation either out loud or to yourself. Feel and visualize you letting go of what no longer serves your highest good. Release anything that is anchoring you to the past so that you may live fully in the present. — Chakras: Earth, Root

Quartz Crystal


Rhodochrosite with Quartz from Colorado

Titanium quartz

Rose Quartz by by

Topaz is a neosilicate mineral. It has a hardness of 8 (Mohs), forms crystals in a wide range of possible colors, and these are prized as gemstones.

Quartz with phantom


Stacked Calcite discs surrounding Quartz -China

Smoky Quartz - Switzerland

rainbow aura spirit quartz

Pink quartz

Chalcedony, Quartz geode

Elbaite with Quartz - Brazil

Aquamarine / Mineral Friends <3