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  • Devona Wilcox-Broyles

    The Canoe Pond. Love this, we could do this off our back deck with the old boat!!!

  • Lilah Galvin

    Canoe pond/ water garden

  • Amber Braun

    This is one of the coolest abstract pond ideas I've seen. One of our o… :: So unique !!!! Try for a fountain or fish pond.

  • Sheila Murphy

    the canoe pond, outdoor living, ponds water features, Enjoy this interesting Canoe Pond Oxymoron

  • Beth Batchelder

    Loving the boat water garden idea

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WOW ... Old Canoe turned into a pond ... who thinks of these things!? Better imagination than I'll ever have and I thought I was pretty darn creative! This is so cool!

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