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ACUPRESSURE FOR DOGS builds stress resistance plus rejuvenates the body by stimulating circulation and nerve systems for flushing, detoxification, tension release and healing. The canine acupressure chart is uniquely color coded and designed to enable you to locate the ailment, the point and treatment almost instantly!

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Alternative Therapies for Hip Dysplasia in a Dog

Equine Acupressure Meridian Composite Chart Horse (Lake Forest Anatomicals Vet Models)|Lake Forest Anatomicals Vet Models

DrJ: Safely pet a new, scared, strange, nervous dog Learn "chimp touch" and where to touch. I tried on my adopted rescue cat when he's close but tail is flicking and find he calms and the tail stops if I use this technique, For him, I curl my hand and use short pets around his head/neck/shoulders.

Need to train your dog! Check out this great Dog Training site - Dogs, Training Dog, Dog Training, Pet, Separation Anxiety Dog, Training Puppy, Dog Stuff

acupuncture treatments IN DOGS. Only by an acupuncturist of course. Please don't try this at home. Look up Acupressure points in dogs if you want to do something yourself at home.

A #veterinary practitioner's guide to selected parasiticides in dogs and cats: PDF file for comparing options for the prevention of parasitic infections - Veterinary Medicine - dvm360

The Homestead Survival | How To Perform the Heimlich Maneuver and CPR on a Dog |

CPR techniques for dogs have been updated recently after a recent study made several new and important recommendations.

DIY Natural, Herbal Homeopathic Flea, Tick, Mite, Mosquito Repellent Sprays, Rubs, Dips for Dogs and Cats In this article: Recipes to make your own all natural, non-toxic, herbal and homeopathic flea, tick, mosquito repellent topical spray, dips and rubs...