It's all how you see the things around you ...

The secret is out.

I am so going to do this. Hilarious.



Favorite Christmas movie, by far. ~I watched this movie last night...I wonder how they all remained in character just looking at him in that elf suit!

Super cute!

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This man in this koala mask. | 42 People You Wont Believe ActuallyExist


Hhahaha! - this is a must see blogg... "Where Good Intentions Come to Die!" Sleeping Beauty, Giggle, Nailed It, So True, Funny Stuff, Pinterest Fail, Sleepingbeauty, Disney

People of the Australian Tourism website... I salute you for this feat of sarcastic greatness. Awesome! - Mommy Has A Potty Mouth

Evil Pepper will get you...

lol #funny #humor

Between Two Ferns with Jennifer Lawrence

bicameral god mind interface stochastic face rcognition command hallucination

Amazing optical illusion