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Check!I got to meet Rydel Lynch from R5 at her magazine signing, me and my friend did!! it was my friends bday that day and it was the best day ever!! She was so nice!! We also got a hug from her!!!I also have a lot more idols that I would love to meet, but she was definitely one of them on my list and im so glad that I finally got to meet her!!

from Two Million Miles

Thoughts on Thursday: My Bucket List

I did this in Nova Scotia in June 2016. I wrote "own a beach house on the Florida gulf coast". The chalkboard is erased every morning so everyone gets a chance to write on it. LOVE the idea and actually writing on it.

I wanna do this at every freakin' concert I go to! I almost got one from Aaron(The Henningsens),but it was thrown on a random spot on the ground that I couldn't get to because so many people were standing near it,even though I don't honk anyone saw him throw it. They were just trying to get closer to the stage...