Christmas Centerpiece. Wine bottles, spray paint, spray adhesive, epson salt, puff paint, and a bunch of Christmas love (pine and berries) stuffed inside!

Christmas Candles

My Christmas centerpiece

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Such a fun and easy craft! Take an empty wine bottle, remove labels, spray paint color of choice, dry using blow dryer on low setting, spray adhesive along bottom (I used Elmer's Glue Spray Adhesive!) and then sprinkle glitter! I also sprayed adhesive on the cork and applied glitter to give some extra sparkle! Only takes about 30 minutes or less!

Christmas centerpiece

Rustic "JOY" Wine Bottles Could easily be done with blue instead of red

spray paint pine cones and display!

This might be a good idea for outside on the porch along the north brick

Christmas Bottle

Wine bottle vases

Primitive Rustic Star wine bottle light by AngsUpcycledCouture, DIY

bottles spray painted white on the outside then sprayed with adhesive and rolled in epsom salts for a frosted look

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Christmas Decor! I already made something that says joy....maybe merry?! And I could add green into the colors! :)

Christmas Centerpiece

This one is a wine bottle wrapped in yarn with some christmas decor! by debbie.rose.37

Painted wine bottles for decorating your home!

how to - recycle, reuse, upcycle, wine bottles, epson salt - holiday vase for centerpiece

DIY Christmas Wine bottles vases, spray paint, adhesive, epsom salt