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Cereals from the 80s :)

Vintage BARBIE 1970'S COUNTRY CAMPER with ACCESSORIES - We spent hours playing with this

Yes, these coats and boots were on my wish list for christmas in the 70's.

Mattel Baby Beans Vintage 1970 Talking Cloth Doll O! M! G! I cant believe I found this doll... You all Had one..

Cedar Point

ROMPER ROOM: 1970 Roundabouts Building Set #Vintage #Toys


My bologna has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R (1970's)

1969 Sears Baby Dolls

Fabric hand towels. I'm surprised we don't see them anymore. So green! (sarcasm off)

Groovy, flower power plastic wallet....omg...I remember having one of these!!! Bringing back memories!! ;)

104.1428: The Partridge Family | paper doll | Paper Dolls | Dolls | National Museum of Play Online Collections | The Strong

Vintage Mini Clear Plastic Toy Animal Figure Kawaii by jazzjodi

1970s Valentine

Remember these? "Rainbow jeans" There was a shirt that matched! All the cool kids were wearing them!

Coty Wild Musk Oil - OMG, the night before my first day in Junior High, I soaked my pink sponge rollers in a mixture of water and this stuff (you know, to make my hair smell irresistible) and wound my waist-length hair up. Next morning - greasy, limp, "you've just jacked up your first year in junior high" hair. Hello?! It says "Oil" right on the bottle!

Holly Hobbie was a girl's answer to the one of the most popular shows on TV in the 1970's, Little House on the Prairie. Little House didn't have any promotional items to buy that I remember. Nowadays there would be dolls and playsets and action figures I'm sure.

I loved my chalk and chalkboard. Played school after school. Memories.

OLD COMMERCIALS #2 (the 70's)

70's. Possibly early 70's. No happy meals, or nuggets

Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. LOL I remember when you would get a free Big Mac if you could sing the song.

Drink one can and all your teeth fall out.

L'eggs panty hose