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    3 cheers for america!

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    • Jack Moores

      The Rothschild Bankers are known for marrying cousins so not to dilute the bloodline and keep the money in the family,and they run the world!Maybe we've been lied to the whole time!Maybe marrying cousins is a good thing humankind after all did start from a small beginning?

    • Rebekah Kemp

      Pretty sad! (Marrying your cousin is legal in exponentially more states than gay marriage) Um excuse me...? Gross.

    • Adrienne

      Seriously though! When will we stop the discrimination and allow homosexuals the same rights afforded to heterosexuals?? And also, we really need to do something about this cousin thing! The kids are going to come out with extra chromosomes and limbs and stuff!

    • Bettie .

      Pretty sad! (Marrying your cousin is legal in exponentially more states than gay marriage)<--- so... I'm a little annoyed that any state allows this, but California??? Really???

    • Christal Whitney-Egel

      gay marriage: Very funny, and sad! Note by Roger Carrier, a straight male, age 68, and married 44 years. Gay marriage is coming, and it will be good for America. We are now at 59% favoring it, and that number will grow over the next couple of years. Loudly proud of my LGBTQ friends! Roger

    • Nikki Uhlin-Wagner

      States that allow gay marriage vs states that allow you to marry your cousin. wow this is disturbing!! you can marry your cousin but gays cant!

    • Margo Emily

      States that allow gay marriage vs. States that allow first cousins to marry. This is just absolutely fabulous. [queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, LGBT]

    • Dragon Lover

      And I thought America couldn't get any worse... I'm not against marrying your cousin or gay marriage btw (Marrying your cousin is legal in exponentially more states than gay marriage)

    • Corrina MacQuarrie

      Gay Marriage v. Marrying Your Cousin too funny!!!

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