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  • Ina de Necker

    Use to go to drive-in Saturday nights when I was a kid.

  • Annie Carver

    Some of my best childhood memories are with my daddy at the drive in movies!

  • Carol Daly

    Remember outdoor movie theaters? They were so much fun when we were kids .... but also remembering the flip side of that coin .... they were darned hot all summer long (pre-A/C in cars, and you had to have the window open anyway, to bring these speakers into the car so you could hear the movie); and then there were the mosquitoes, so you had to burn these little squiggly-looking repellant things on the dashboard -- they didn't work, but doing something vs nothing, made everyone feel better :-)

  • Sharon Newell Holle

    Drive in movie theaters. Just heaven in summer. when we were kids we loved it when Mom and Dad would take us to the Drive In

  • cheri w

    Remember This? Speakers at the drive in movies.

  • Sandi Sharp

    This is the speaker you attached to your car window so you could hear the movie at the drive in theatre. Now those really were the good ol' days.

  • Selena

    drivein movie speakers

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