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Every flipping Friday come Sunday I'm saying I'm never going out again. Damn u food, shoes clothes and booze damn u

I would never do this. But I thought it was funny! Tis' funny!!

NOTHING has made me laugh this much! Thanks for this one Amanda!

Mood Swing ... i have one of these - Ah, 2 year olds are fun... so are 4 year olds!

Bahaha this is hilarious and I don't like Starbucks but love Victoria's Secret!

@Jodi Wissing Anderson and @Allyson Angelini Fletcher You both will be happy to know I am still procrastinating making those robes. I'm going to be in a panic later this week for sure!

I don't always clear my calculator, but when I do I hit both "C" and "CE" a bunch of times because I don't know exactly what they do.

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Instead of organizing and cleaning my house, I pin ideas on how to organize and clean my house. The irony is not lost on me.

I didn't write it LOL and it drives me INSANE that it says HEALS....but it's still funny anyway.....