That rounded door. swoon

Peek-a-boo. who wouldn't love to have a secret garden?

A fairy tale garden door. Jo Witney via Sierra Reed...... this idea. I love love love the secret garden (the movie) and the door covered in ivy and then a hedge type to make an archway and and extended entryway

We have a door right now, but only problem is it doesn't open!! Whoever made it, didn't raise it enough & it leans:-/!! This looks do-able...wish me luck!!

the garden gate

stone arch garden entry

moon gate

we should stain the fence this color green to give the backyard more depth when we start creating the garden

Into the secret garden.

garden gate

Purple gate

garden gates

Garden Door

garden gate

The secret garden........


A secret garden gate. Yes please!

Great "secret garden" door!

secret garden room

Garden gates