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    Titanic's resting place

    wow orginal pictures of the titantic of 1912 before it`s final journey...with orginal parts and passengers....

    Footage of the RMS Titanic wreck

    10 Unseen Titanic Pictures – Random

    Titanic at the bottom of the ocean

    Titanic Second Officer Charles Lightoller said he knew the real reason why Titanic hit the iceberg and sank. He protected White Star and kept the info to himself except for telling his beloved wife. He followed the "Women and Children" rule and dove into the ocean as it sank. He lead a group of others in staying afloat on an overturned lifeboat. He was the last survivor to board the Carpathia. His is a story worth reading. His version of what happened to Titanic is incredible.

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    The Descent of the Titanic

    Capt. Smith's bathtub aboard the sunken Titanic is shown. The plumbing allowed the captain a choice of salt or fresh water, hot or cold. Scientists were in court in Norfolk, Va., revealing never-before-seen images of the Titanic and the ocean bottom where the violently strewn remnants of the world's most famous shipwreck rest nearly a century after it sank on its maiden voyage. (RMS Titanic Inc./AP Photo)

    On July 14th,1985, the Titanic was discovered! It was the first time the great ship had been seen for more than 70 years. The Wreck was found by Dr Ballard in the North Atlantic approximately 450 miles short from the destination of New York.

    The Titanic titanicrecounts.e...

    This is the only known Real footage of Titanic

    The "Real" Rose Calvert from Titanic. Her real name was Beatrice Wood. She led such an interesting life.

    Life jackets were one of the leading causes of death on the Titanic. If a person jumped overboard from 10 feet up or higher, their necks would be broken upon impact with the water. (They may have been the lucky ones). This life jacket was cut from a body after being in the ocean for many days. Recovery workers did not want to touch the bodies, so the life jackets were removed by cutting the straps. The bodies were then weighted and the unidentifiable were returned to the sea.

    Fireplace now and then Titanic

    12 year old survivor, Ruth Becker...died in 1990 and had her ashes scattered at sea, directly over the Titanic wreck.


    Researchers have pieced together what is believed to be the first comprehensive map of the entire 3-by-5-mile Titanic debris field. This image shows the main body of the vessel #titanic