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Titanic Second Officer Charles Lightoller said he knew the real reason why Titanic hit the iceberg and sank. He protected White Star and kept the info to himself except for telling his beloved wife. He followed the "Women and Children" rule and dove into the ocean as it sank. He lead a group of others in staying afloat on an overturned lifeboat. He was the last survivor to board the Carpathia. His is a story worth reading. His version of what happened to Titanic is incredible.

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Titanic pictures: Extraordinary sonar images show full map of shipwreck on ocean floor | Mail Online

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Titanic anniversary: Follow the ship down to the bottom of the ocean | Graphics | News | National Post

The wreck of the Titanic was finally discovered in 1985; since that time, people have been recovering artifacts of all kinds. In this photo, RMS Titanic, Inc., general counsel Allan Carlin poses with a 20-ton piece of the Titanic's hull that has been hauled to the surface.

On July 14th,1985, the Titanic was discovered! It was the first time the great ship had been seen for more than 70 years. The Wreck was found by Dr Ballard in the North Atlantic approximately 450 miles short from the destination of New York.

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Titanic Grand Staircase Cherub Underwater! The real reason the Titanic sank, weeping Angels

Quigg Edmond Baxter (24) The night of Titanic's sinking he made sure his mother, sister, as well as Berthe, (who didn't want to get into the boat without Quigg) were secured in a lifeboat. His last words to his girls was "Au revoir bon espoirvous autres"-Goodbye and keep your spirits up everyone! He waved his last goodbye-as he perished later that night with the Titanic.

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