enter a book or author you like and this site will recommend suggestions for what to read next. love this!

Enjoy a book or two

If only I had the time again...

five best websites for free ebooks

There's no such thing as too many books...

I pinned this because... books books books

Bridge the gap between Adult and YA! // The Book Addict's GUIDE to reading crossover books! // Infographic

My perfect day.

How did I just find out about this site??? It's basically the Netflix for books :)

She's a bookworm, in love with the magic of stories. To lose yourself in a book is the desire of the bookworm .. to be taken, that is my desire ... I want to be taken, the book should take you away. A book is not supposed to be a mirror, it's supposed to be a door.

You know you're a book lover ... book quote

Listed in the top 2011 Adult Fiction books...

50 Shades of Grey 50-shades-of-grey

This book sticks with you. I think about it often!

Gone with the Wind

12 Books You’ll Want to Read in One Sitting

I'm booked. Love it.


I Love Books

40 books for a brand new and better you in 2014!

The B-i-b-l-e! Yes that's the book for me