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A third of the HR respondents said they have found information that has caused them not to hire a candidate, including: 49% shared provocative or inappropriate photos or information 45% listed information about drinking or using drugs 35% had poor communication skills 33% bad-

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MLA Works Cited Sources Page for Students

MLA Works Cited Sources Page for Students. Wish I would have had this resource earlier this year!

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Cause and Effect Nonfiction Activity

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Interactive Reading Strategy Cards

Visualizing, Inferring, Synthesizing, Determining Importance, Making Connections, Questioning. A strategy card for each! Based on my all-time favorite professional development books, Strategies that Work! $

Businesses buy insurance to protect their assets and the public against risk. That works for 30% of the assets but leaves 70% at risk.


Can We Really Trust Today’s Businesses?

Corporate cultures are not established overnight. They require time, effort, investment, and long-term commitment. It’s a transformational change that may take years. This means that during the period of change, companies may sometimes behave well and also misbehave, depending on how far along they are on the journey.

Treating people like replaceable cogs “She doesn’t have time to get to know her employees.” A manager once told me that he didn’t care if employees left. He could find and train another person easily. To him employees were widely-available, unspecialized cogs in his “factory.” People came and went. He spent a lot of time training, retraining, complaining, stressing. Wonderful and sense of purpose is not possible in this kind of work environment.

Work is a part of being human. It’s easy to think that we work simply to earn a living. But work is much more. Work is one of the ways we make a difference and help make someone else’s life a little better.

What are the lessons of QR for brands using the new technologies? Make it easy for consumers to use. Explain how it works, in clear, concise language. Employ it only when it can add something unique to the user experience. Make sure content or ads that contain it wont be put in places where cellphone service is unavailable. Make the apps available only for situations when using them makes sense.