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    We speak English, not Bingo!... It's so true! I hate text talk!

    The death of the English language - Conan O'Brien

    As an English Major...


    This is definitely something I have done before.

    a Random English Word as a Tattoo

    This is fantastic!!!!

    Grammar humor. :) grammar

    This too funny and so true. You gotta love English!

    Mind blown. First try didn't work so I stared at my finger making the letter six and IT WORKED.

    21 times tumblr went crazy about the English Language. -- When this English game drove everyone crazy

    Font Humor | Please don't use Comic Sans. We are a Fortune 500 company, not a lemonade stand! | From Funny Technology - Google+ via Cherie Ambrose

    The Office... Not a huge fan but love Steve Carell..., even the comment here is a repost , but it's true for me, too :)


    Thanks man:) You're too sweet to go out into public with me:) #ExcuseMyHoboTendencies

    Every time!

    Too funny!!!