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    "Don't you see," she said, "the moon is not out of reach. In fact, it's waiting for you to embrace it." @scottstabile

    Daniel Merriam is a contemporary artist known for his dry brush technique and imaginative style of surrealist art.

    Daniel Merriam is a highly regarded contemporary surrealist and is best known for his dry brush technique and gloriously imaginative style. Born in 1963 in York, Maine, Daniel Merriam grew up in Naples, Maine, a rural town in central Maine. One of seven children in a creative, artistic family, he taught himself to paint at a very young age age and used his art as a method of reflective play throughout his childhood.

    Phantasos was one of the Oneiroi. He appeared in dreams in the form of inanimate objects. He is the son of Hypnos, the Greek God of sleep. His mother is Pasithea, the goddess of hallucination.

    Another world exists full of fairies, sprites and food for your imagination

    daniel merriam art | Daniel Merriam: The Impetus Of Dreams | Art Artists | PaperStreet ...