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    Salem Witch Trials - historical background, images, and court documents

  • Pat Vardell

    Inspired Art of The Salem Witch Trials.

  • Pj Pepper

    On July 19, 1692, five women were executed for suspected witchcraft in Salem, Mass. They were among 20 people executed during the Salem Witch Trials.

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    sorcery and black magic rituals | Witchcraft hunting was a favored occupation during the Dark Ages in ...

  • brooklyn theesfeld

    Thesis2: the Protestant Reformation shaped the 16th, 17th century witchcraft trials from the Protestants went after anyone who was thought to be a witch because others being scared; when after this was over there was 100,000 people convicted and charged of witchcraft.

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    American Lit Teacher Blog

  • Rita Wood

    Witch Trial, Examination of a Witch, by T.H. Matteson 1835, Courtesy of the Peabody Essex Museum.

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