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Soon to be followed by the "high tech" TRS80...

Computer Punch Cards, people use to make Christmas wreaths out of these. I was a key punch operator in the early at Titanium Metals Corp. and made wreaths out of these punched cards.

Computer Cards: punched tab (Hollerith tabulator) and magnetic

Computer Cards: punched tab (Hollerith tabulator) and magnetic

Here is a mind-blowing size comparison of computer memory: 1979 vs. 2013.

1979 Hard Drive vs 2013 MicroSD - This picture depicts two memory drives which are 34 years different in age. It provides us with an idea of how far we have come in terms of technology. How much smaller can we possibly go?

IBM punch card Cultural Impact A legacy of the 80 column punched card format is that a display of 80 characters per row was a common choice in the design of character-based terminals. As of November 2011 some character interface defaults, such as the command prompt window's width in Microsoft Windows, remain set at 80 columns and some file formats, such as FITS, still use 80-character card images.

Punch Card: used to program computers in began to be phased out in but used through the mid My dad would bring these home from NYC & we'd make crafts from them.

cartridge pens

Cartridge ink pen-used all the way through college and beyond. Had an ink stain on my right middle finger. I still prefer to write with real ink and a good pen nib!

I was a natural at counting change, my parents owned a restaurant & yeap I worked there. Today I can give a cashier a dollar & a penny when its 1.26 and wow have I confused the heck out of them!

Remember when cashiers had to figure out how much change to give back? (Unfortunately, many cashiers can no longer count change back if the computer is not working;

Punchcards! Fortunately keyboards, monitors, and interactive compilers removed the need for these frustrating input devices.

Punchcards were input for early computers! Fortunately keyboards, monitors, and interactive devices removed the need for these frustrating input devices.

Mimeograph machine.

mimeograph machine This was how the teacher made copies. In school, everyone called it the ditto machine. If the paper was still a bit wet when you got it, the ink would rub off on your fingers. I can still smell the ink :)

I still have one of these cigar boxes

My Dad smoked these so I always had an ample supply of empty cigar boxes. We put our crayons in them.