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  • Amy Cathey

    So sad but so true LOL

  • Kirsten

    I want to be skinny like the Victoria's Secret models; but I just like beer too much. STORY OF MY LIFE @Robyn C

  • Charli Taylor

    Mmmm... Beer.

  • Michelle Hef

    Story of my life! I have been starving myself all day lately to save enough calories for Bud Light! Tonight I'd like to drink a six pack during the KU game so I won't be eating today!

  • Krysten Ross

    I want to be skinny like the Victoria's Secret models; but I just like FOOD too much. bahahaha so true ♥

  • Sara Clark

    that's funny stuff!

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Spilling a full beer you paid for is the adult equivalent of letting go of a balloon. hahaha this is true and funny