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  • Lauren Carter

    "The Girl with the Dragonite Tattoo" #Pokemon #Misty #GirlWiththeDragonTattoo #DragonTattoo #Dragonite #Anime #Crossover #Mashup

  • Krysta Pegasus

    The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo was a good book.

  • jacob jacobson

    funny girl with the dragon tattoo art on imgfave

  • Simply Dreaming

    Dragonite ~ yes! #art #girl #dragon #tattoo #art #illustration #dragonite #pokemon #poster

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I choose you sounds much more romantic than what I was thinking. "I have a tiny, impossible prison for you."

I still remember cracking up at that part of the game. Also the kid in diamond with the Magikarp his "dad" gave him. NEWSFLASH: Your father never loved you.

Oh Eevee, why are you so cute?

Anime vs. Real Life… I didn't know it was an actual place!! This is from the anime Ano Hana

I just started to watch this today because someone kept pinning stuff about it and i really like it so far

"My Rattata is in the top percentage of all Rattata"

*Anime character with glasses thing*...Puhahaha!!! This is so stupid and awesome! As a megane wearer myself I'm so floored right now!hahaha

Wild Misty is Paralyzed! It Can't Move!>>>I remember watching this episode!