• Kayla Long

    starry night. Laying under the stars with you were the best nights. I'll never forget them. I'll never look at the stars again without thinking of you. The Little Dipper, The Big Dipper, The North Star... And every other star in the sky. They all shine for you and me together. Cuddling under the night sky will only be perfect when it's with you. I miss you so much. 🌟

  • Meredith Denning

    i love the dark night because i know there are stars outside my window

  • Alex Chik

    A splash of night sky and this as a tattoo beautiful

  • Karisa B

    night owl

  • Alycia Heisler

    starry night quote. I have loved the stars too long to be fearful of the night. Something about this quote just really speaks to me

  • Dionne Fawcett

    Night time <3

  • Kelsey Greene

    ive spent soo many nights under the stars, i grew out of my fear of the dark.

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