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Faith in God includes Faith in His Timing ~ Neil A. Maxwell quote (photo only)

Due to some recent issues with long time friends-or so I thought they were, someone gave me this quote to cheer me up...and tell me what a true friend really is...thanks!!

I need to remember this when I have to hear all about beyblades! parenting

SO true! I have been truly blessed to have had the summer to spend with my grandbabies...God is GREAT!!!

This is so true and probably one of my biggest pet peeves.

....and Spiritually Speaking: quotes about/for kids

If only I could stop the words before they make their way right out my mouth!!!

It takes everything but later on in life you look back and see how much it was worth it ☺️

Love this. Things like this make me realise how lovely my job is :)

Everybody deserves somebody

I'm afraid it's easier said than done, but nonetheless a powerful quote to think about...we would be happier if we only could move on but I wouldn't be where I am today without the past.

So true. A cute saying for a baby scrap book or card!