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Parenting without a sense of humor is like being an accountant who sucks at math. In that accountant but not that parent.

Haha.  Yes

we suck at this

OMG this is so true! All the deep questions come out at bedtime. At bed time my children turn into dehydrated philosophers who need a hug.

Lmao omg that is sooooooo true

I think that goes for really anything, not just parenthood. parents call your name from distant room; friend asks the same question for the millionth time, all "for fuck's sake" moments

very true! expecially with my toby

Cleaning House while the kids are home, is like shoveling snow, while it's still snowing. My house will be clean for when my kids go on vacations.

Tweet creds: Yoyoha #funny #parentingproblems #ParentingMemes

Tweet creds: Yoyoha #funny #parentingproblems #ParentingMemes


Parenting is mostly just informing kids how many more minutes they have of something (Funny Kids Pictures) -

Oh so true. You have a tiny baby that exhausts you, then you turn around and have a teenager learning to drive and you wonder where all the time went and what happened to that little baby.

Parenting: the days are long but the years are short. - Anonymous Too short.

This was Quentin today and most every weekend!

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Ah, Motherhood. ;-)

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